Digital TAF – A comprehensive Digital Testing Automation Platform​

Digital TAF consists of a powerful set of solutions with AI, ML and advanced analytics capabilities to automate end-to-end quality engineering processes for hardware or software products/applications of an organization. 

These solutions together, in one digital testing automation platform speed up an organization’s digital transformation, optimize costsincrease speed-to-market and enhance user experience. 


Testing coverage

Digital TAF performs majority of testing - from API, UI, functional, database, security and non-functional testing for both web and mobile apps.

Smart feed

Our digital testing automation platform’s workflows, test suites, configurations, interfaces are set to provide inputs to robotic process.

RPA enabled

Digital TAF comes with RPA capabilities to provide a full solution for automating end-to-end quality engineering process.

Easy GUI

This platform has easy GUI for end users to undertake all aspects of a project – creation, design, execution, managing defects, reports and dashboards at various levels.

Test Ops

Our testing automation platform encompasses TestOps and plug & play services that are ready to deploy on-cloud or on-premises.

Powerful configurations

With its configurations, digital TAF allows users to onboard projects, environments where different workflows & E2E test suites can automatically run as part of CI/CD pipeline.

Digital TAF capabilities

Digital TAF Capabilities

Multidevice functionality

Digital TAF solutions can be applied across all devices and platforms - Desktop, mobile, POS, and tablet devices etc. 

Multilayer support

Digital TAF’s capability includes UI, API, middleware and micro-services testing as part of the TestOps or DevOps practices.

Ease of deployment

The architecture and the design of the platform is robust, scalable and can be deployed on-cloud or on-premises.

Reduction of rework & release cycle time

By sharing quick and early feedback to DevOps and application/product stakeholders with early and parallel testing, digital TAF helps prevent defect leakage and hence considerably reduces re-work and release cycle time

With easy to implement & easy to use models to fit various business sizes, requirements, and budgets, Digital TAF can be used for IT-associated digitalization requirements across numerous industries – finance, healthcare, logistics, ecommerce, travel& hospitality, communications and many others.

Digital automation is the next big thing!

The worldwide market for technology that enables hyperautomation will reach $596.6 billion in 2022

Source: Gartner, Inc

Speed up digitalization with our automation platform – Digital TAF